DWD Awards Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant to Luther Manor

DWD Awards Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant to Luther Manor

The grant will support skills development and customized training.

Luther Manor is one of ten state employers awarded a Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant for their strategy to address high rates of employee turnover with retention through leadership development. The senior care industry operates with workforce shortages that make recruitment of new employees challenging, especially in today’s environment of low unemployment. In response, Luther Manor is investing in leadership development training to develop skills among incumbent managers for a culture of effective communication, constructive feedback, accountability and teamwork.

“As managers across our organization execute on concepts learned specific to their leadership styles and challenges unique to Luther Manor, employees will be less likely to leave,” said Christine Long, Chief Human Resources Officer. “Improved retention will alleviate the financial and quality costs associated with turnover, while delivering to employees economic benefits inherent with tenure, including career growth, retirement vesting, continuing education and career tracking.”

Luther Manor has 430 full and part-time employees serving over 500 residents across a continuum of care including independent living, assisted living, full skilled nursing, hospice care and adult day programs. The organization was awarded a Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant of $47,667.

DWD presented more than $1.6 million to 10 Wisconsin employers for employee training, developing in-demand, transferable skills. The grants encourage partnerships between employers, educators, workforce development entities, and economic development organizations. The grants will serve 11 businesses and at least 893 trainees across Wisconsin.

“The investment of grant awards simultaneously results in Wisconsin residents being better equipped for our current and future job market and provides our state’s employers with a more skilled workforce,” said DWD Secretary Caleb Frostman. “Strategically investing in transferable skills will help lift industries, communities, and Wisconsin’s economy.”

Wisconsin’s Fast Forward (WFF) grant program is a nationally recognized, innovative talent development solution to train and develop highly skilled workers.

For more information, please visit https://dwd.wisconsin.gov.