4 Major Benefits Of A Life Plan Community

4 Major Benefits Of A Life Plan Community

The way we live today—after age 65—has changed substantially. But you’re finding that out firsthand as you’re currently out there looking for the perfect place to spend your retirement—or perhaps that of a loved one. In the process, you’ve encountered lots of active seniors—those who are certainly not winding down or taking it easy anytime soon, making it all the more important to evaluate the major benefits of a life plan community!

That’s what you want—the unencumbered opportunity to take a giant step forward into a whole new phase of life. Maybe you want to revisit your roots, chart a new course, reinvent yourself, pursue a new talent or interest, or just lock the door and set out to see the world. It is your retirement, after all, and you should be free to approach it your way. No limitations. No compromises. No worries about what the future may bring.

A life plan community like Luther Manor combines the independent lifestyle you desire with peace of mind for the future knowing you have priority access to on-site health services if ever needed.

Let’s explore 4 important benefits of life plan community living.

1. Live Independently

Throughout life, you’ve always set your own course—made your own decisions. And, they’ve been pretty good ones! The concept of senior living might seem foreign to you. In your eyes, you’re just not there yet. So, let’s not think about it that way.

To get what you want in the next phase of your life, you know you want to rightsize a little. (They used to call it downsize, but rightsize is a better fit, don’t you think?) No longer do you want to worry about all the trappings and upkeep of homeownership. You’ve got things to do and places to go. Life plan living at Luther Manor will support all your current and future needs, while you’re surrounded by welcoming new friends and neighbors who are at the same stage in life and enjoy the same things you do. Apartment floor plans are designed with your comfort, convenience, and safety in mind.

Now let’s investigate those chores of daily living you no longer have to worry about. While engaging in the one-of-a-kind lifestyle you’ll find at Luther Manor, a wealth of impressive services, such as housekeeping and linen services, internal and external maintenance, a variety of dining options and most utilities, will leave you valuable time to engage in exactly how you want to spend your days.

In addition, countless opportunities for life enrichment activities, social outings, and community amenities will give you more variety than you ever imagined for exploring your passions and interests. Are you getting a feel yet for life plan community living?

2. Enjoy Financial Freedom

A life plan community like Luther Manor assures you priority lifetime access if ever needed, to various levels of care at predictable rates based on your personalized care plan. Awareness of potential health care services in the future will protect you and your family from the rising costs of health care. And, if you have a long-term care insurance policy, a life plan community like Luther Manor provides a desirable complement to that policy.

In addition, tax preparers have cited IRS rulings that indicate substantial tax benefits in life plan community contracts. Portions of community entrance fees and monthly service fees may be classified as deductible, or prepaid or ongoing medical expenses. (Consult your tax preparer.) Entrance fee plans that are either totally or partially refundable are common for a life plan community. These plans provide the tremendous benefit of estate protection, ensuring a legacy for future generations.

3. Appreciate The Value

As a not-for-profit life plan community, Luther Manor is dedicated to serving its residents. Entrance fee funds are used to operate and maintain the community, and monthly fees are set—not to make money—but to fulfill a mission statement to seniors and the surrounding community.

The monthly fee at a life plan community covers a wide range of services and amenities offered to all residents no matter their degree of independence or care level. At Luther Manor, the list of services, amenities, and life enrichment activities are extensive and residents have valuable input in planning what’s offered.

The location and history of a life plan community often add considerable value in the eyes of potential residents. Luther Manor’s expansive, park-like setting in Wauwatosa fosters abundant living for all who trust in their 55+ years of management experience providing exceptional senior living options and health care services. Management and staff at Luther Manor know and understand what residents want—affordability and stability. Homegrown, real and genuine, the community is grounded in Midwestern values, with a Christian mission to care for others, and is made up of local employees and residents.

4. Experience Peace Of Mind

At Luther Manor, you can live independently and, at the same time, feel well-prepared with predictable, streamlined costs, convenient services, and priority lifetime access to on-site care options, if you ever need them. In addition, you will know exactly how, and by whom, health care services will be delivered, avoiding quick decisions by you or your family at the worst possible time. It’s a sensible strategy for life’s what-ifs.

Generally, on-site care options at life plan communities will vary—some will offer assisted living and memory care, while others may also include skilled nursing care. Seldom will you find a life plan community like Luther Manor that offers a complete range of care options with everything you need to age in place. These care services provide peace of mind for you and your family and, in addition to independent living, Luther Manor offers supportive living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, memory care, hospice care, and even an adult day care program.

Peace of mind comes with knowing you can feel settled once you move into a life plan community like Luthor Manor—there’s no moving around. If your health needs change, you can get the care you need—right there—and then resume your independent lifestyle within the same community.

Final Thoughts & Resources

A major decision lies ahead of you. Besides the benefits of independence, financial freedom, value, and peace of mind that we shared with you above, there are many more financial, social, and emotional benefits of life plan community living we look forward to telling you about. First, you can find out more about Luther Manor’s continuum of care and other specific care options, such as supportive living and assisted living, on our blog page. Luthor Manor’s residents and families are sold on life plan community living—hear what they have to say, too. Then, to schedule a no-obligation personal consultation to get all your questions answered about life plan community living at Luther Manor, contact us today.