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What We’ve Done in Response to COVID-19


We want to assure you that Luther Manor is being proactive. Our policies and procedures have always been designed to help reduce the risk of illnesses being spread from person to person, and we have long followed infection control protocols provided by the CDC to help protect against the spread of infectious illnesses. To enhance those policies and procedures, and respond to the new requirements, we have taken the following steps and more:

  • Established a task force to monitor and address the changing situation, and implement new precautions as required or deemed necessary.
  • Communicated with our staff regarding Luther Manor’s preparedness plans relating to COVID-19.
  • Heightened screening of our residents for acute respiratory illnesses.
  • Increased signage across the campus to communicate healthy precautions and to alert visitors about additional precautions.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures, including increased frequency of cleaning cycles in high traffic areas.
  • Confirmed with manufacturers that cleaning products in use at Luther Manor are effective at reducing the spread of the virus.
  • Conducted enhanced training for staff on safe handling and infection control protocols.
  • Procured additional inventories of disinfectants and protective equipment.
  • Implemented visitor restrictions for non-essential and essential visitors.
  • Implemented end-of life visitation restrictions for those with loved ones in imminent condition.
  • Implemented screening processes for everyone entering the campus, including staff.
  • Implemented restrictions on any essential visitor who we are aware has traveled outside of the US or has been on a cruise ship in the previous 14 days, and prohibit them from coming onto the Luther Manor campus.
  • Requested that essential visitors and staff who travel to US cities that have reported high incidents of Coronavirus, or that the CDC has issued a Coronavirus related travel notice regarding, to notify us prior to visiting Luther Manor or reporting to work.
  • Requested that any essential visitor or staff experiencing respiratory symptoms notify our Infection Control nurse immediately and refrain from entering any Luther Manor facility.
  • Reminded staff that they are required to report illnesses to our Infection Control nurse for monitoring.
    • Such staff members will be instructed not to report to work at Luther Manor until it is determined that it is safe for them to return to work.
  • Cancelled outside group functions on Luther Manor’s campus.
  • Cancelled large group functions internally.
  • Communicated our new policies to vendors and contractors.
  • Implemented new communication methods to provide timely updates for residents, families, staff and the public.
  • We’ve created a page on our website for those outside of Luther Manor to send a note of encouragement to a resident or staff member.  
  • We are urging Independent Living residents in our Terrace Apartments do daily self-screening for symptoms related to the Coronavirus and daily temperature checks.
  • We are working to keep our Terrace residents updated by providing them with regular, detailed communications from our Independent Living Director.  
    • We are encouraging resident who use email and or the internet to sign up for our COVID updates, visit our website and call our COVID Hotline.
  • Life Enrichment, Pastoral Care staff and others are working to enhance one-on-one interactions with residents when possible.
    • We have coached our team members in using conversation starters while providing daily cares.
    • In addition, we have increased the number of offerings that are broadcast on our internal TV channel 956 to bring more content into our residents’ rooms.

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