Frequently Asked Questions

The bigger the decision, the more questions you have. We understand. Our goal is to walk alongside you in this decision making process and help you feel as informed and as comfortable as possible.

Great question! We’ve dedicated a whole webpage to answer “What is a Life Plan Community.”

No. Our history is certainly rooted in the Lutheran faith, but we seek to share God’s love with all of our neighbors regardless of faith, belief or tradition. Read more about spiritual living at Luther Manor.

Prices vary depending on your apartment size and needed level of care – an explanation of the costs associated with senior living is broken down here. We accept a wide range of payment options, and we are always willing to talk to potential residents regarding their individual fiscal status. For more information, we encourage you to contact one of our senior living advisors at 414.464.3880 or email at [email protected].

Luther Manor does not discriminate as to sex, race, religion, place of origin, or mental or physical disabilities. The residents of Luther Manor are a unique group of individuals with varied talents and interests. Luther Manor residents come from all across the state and country. We feel that each resident brings an unmatched sense of diversity and style to Luther Manor. Energetic, fun-loving, reserved, intelligent, creative, well-rounded individuals make up our community and home.

Over the years, people have been waiting longer and longer to make a move to a senior living community. Many wait until they have experienced a health event or crisis, hospital stay or change in their ability to live alone. This can make the move much harder to accomplish and shorten the length of time in your independent living apartment.

Residents who make a move while they are still healthy have a higher quality of life and enjoy all the many amenities and activities that independent living at Luther Manor has to offer. We often hear new residents say “I wish I had made the move to Luther Manor earlier, and I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer.”

In the organization’s history, dating back to 1957, no resident has ever been asked to leave Luther Manor, even if he/she has outlived his/her financial resources. As an organization, we offer a resident assistance/benevolent fund. The Luther Manor Foundation helps to support that fund and our not-for-profit, faith-based mission.

This is a common question. The housing market fluctuates. Rightsizing to your new home can be challenging as well. It is very important to have a knowledgeable real estate agent to help you price your home and work for you and your best interests. Luther Manor will work with your home-selling situation, help you with rightsizing your home and determining your move-in time frame.

This is a very important, yet difficult, conversation to have. We have knowledgeable social workers and take home resources to be able to help you know what to say and when to say it. Please contact one of our senior living advisors for more information at 414.464.3880 or [email protected]

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