What Is Senior Living Really Like?

What Is Senior Living Really Like?

A Genworth Financial study shows that 7 in 10 Americans 65+ will need long term care. More than 90% have not talked about it with their spouse, aging parents or adult children.
The journey toward senior living can be a long one filled with difficult conversations, challenges to overcome, homes to sell, and discerning myth from fact. Let’s explore the truth about senior living together.

Myth: “I Can’t Afford It. It’s Too Expensive.”

Fact: The Costs of Senior Living Are Often Comparable to Living in a House.

People who have long-term care discussions prior to needing it save one-third of the cost of those who don’t.

The facts are:
  • Housing, home maintenance, utilities, food, entertainment, transportation, and more, are included in the cost.
  • There are options for payment.
  • No mortgages or property taxes.
  • Assets that can be used for payment include your home, investments, long-term care insurance, veteran benefits, etc.
  • Non-profit organizations often have a foundation to support residents in-need.

Myth: “I’m Not Ready. I Don’t Need Senior Living.”

Fact: Senior Living Isn’t Just for People Who Can’t Take Care of Themselves Anymore.

More than half of Americans older than 65 report their greatest fear is being a burden on their family due to a long-term care health issue.

The facts are:
  • Most residents wish they would have made the move years earlier.
  • Be in the driver’s seat. It’s best to make the move when you have the choice, not when you need to.

Myth: “The Food in Senior Living Is Terrible.”

Fact: Expect Restaurant-Quality Meals and a Restaurant-Like Experience.

73% of family members notice nutritional improvements after their loved ones’ move to senior living.

The facts are:
  • Choice and variety is king. Luther Manor has three restaurants in Independent Living and six throughout the community. Get a five-course meal in our dining rooms, grab a sandwich in the cafe or simply enjoy a meal at home. Our menus change as often as four times a year and it’s the residents’ input that helps us determine how the menus change!
  • Menu is considerate of health needs and dietary restrictions.
  • Dine in and take out options are available. You can have your meal delivered to your apartment.

Myth: “I’ll Lose My Independence.”

Fact: Many Seniors Find Their Lives to Be More Independent in a Senior Living Community.

70% of residents and 75% of their family members are more likely to report a good quality of life versus those still living at home.

The facts are:
  • The goal of senior living is to keep you as independent as your health allows you to be.
  • You can bring your car! Driving is encouraged and parking is available.
  • Transportation is available for shopping, appointments, doctor visits, trips, and more.
  • You learn how to better care for yourself as you get older.
  • You’re free to come and go as you please.

Myth: “Everyone Is Sick or Dying. It’s Depressing.”

Fact: Seniors Stay Healthier, More Active and Live Longer in Retirement Communities Than in a House.

44% of family members notice physical health improvements in their loved ones after they move to a senior living community.

Myth: “I’ll Have to Give up the Things I Love and My Favorite Hobbies.”

Fact: Not Only Will You Be Able to Continue Doing What You Love in Senior Living, but You’re Also Likely to Pick up New Interests.

64% of family members notice social well-being improvements in their loved ones after a move to senior living.
The facts are:
  • 30-40 life enrichment activities are offered each week, catered to your interests and hobbies, with physical, mental, social, and spiritual focuses.
  • Volunteer opportunities abound.
  • Take trips with friends.
  • The only thing you’ll need to give up are chores, yard work, and home maintenance!