How Do I Begin the Process of Downsizing & Moving?

How Do I Begin the Process of Downsizing & Moving?

Moving is one of the biggest decisions of your life! The emotions and work involved can seem overwhelming, but your new lifestyle will make everything worth the initial hassle. As we get older, it’s only natural to want to declutter and enjoy the simple pleasures of life with a smaller home. Luckily, we have some downsizing tips for seniors that can make your transition easier. It’s important to remember you’re not in this alone!

Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Downsizing has a lot of moving parts, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that there’s plenty of help you can rely on. Older adults may prefer to work with a Senior Real Estate Specialist — someone who is trained in and has experience with working with seniors. They’ll be able to advise and help with the practical parts of selling a house, including:

  • Deciding the value of the home and other financial planning
  • The timing of the sale
  • Determining the necessary size of the new residence
  • Legalities surrounding the sale and inspection; other realtor services
  • Which home improvements and updates should be made before putting it on the market
  • Staging the home to make it more attractive to potential sellers

With all of these steps handled by a professional, you’ll have more time to go through your belongings and figure out what will come with you to your new home. Downsizing for seniors is all about finding the items with the strongest emotional connection so they can be preserved in your new home.

Senior Downsizing Made Simple

Don’t think you have to figure out downsizing all by yourself. In fact, we recommend looking into a Senior Move Manager. A Certified Senior Move Manager can make the move easier, by helping with the emotional parts. They will:

  • Consult with you to create a plan, broken down into manageable steps with predetermined roles for all involved
  • Act as an intermediary, if necessary, between older adults and their adult children
  • Go through possessions and help to determine which to keep and which to pack
  • Help pack and move!
  • Arrange an estate sale or charitable donation pick up

Here’s how to start the process:

  1. Plan your future home. See what’s available; tour nearby senior communities to decide which is right for you.
  2. Determine how much your home is worth. (A Senior Real Estate Specialist can help)
  3. Decide where you would like to move.
  4. Start to downsize — engaging the help of a Certified Senior Move Manager
  5. Prepare for the sale
  6. Sell your house
  7. Move — Enjoy your new home!

Where Peace of Mind Meets Vibrant Living

Senior downsizing can look intimidating at first, but with the right help and the right community, it’s a smooth transition to the vibrant life you dreamed of. At Luther Manor, we’ve been enriching the lives of older adults for over 55 years. Learn more about the exciting next chapter that awaits and how we can help with your move by contacting us today.