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Helpful Materials

It is our desire to help you walk through the many questions and concerns you have in this next chapter of life. As a non-profit life plan community, we know that making the transition to senior living can be challenging at times. But, just like the residents who call Luther Manor home, we want to help you and your family through this process.

We hope these resources are helpful and informative. Inside you’ll discover helpful senior living tips, advice and guides about what you can expect from this exciting next chapter.

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A Guide to Aging Care & Services

Designed to help you understand senior living, this booklet includes a glossary, acronyms, Medicare info and other senior living resource contact information.


Busting the Myths About Senior Living

The journey toward senior living can be filled with difficult conversations, challenges to overcome, and discerning myth from fact. In this e-book, explore the truth about senior living.


30 Questions Seniors Should Ask in Planning for Their Future

There’s a talk every senior must have with their family. Download this infographic from our friends at Venture Medical.


How to Begin the Process of Downsizing & Moving

Spending decades in your home means you have a lot of stuff. The idea of downsizing and getting your home ready to sell can seem daunting. We’ve got some tips that will help ease the process!

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Entrance Fee Facts

What is an entrance fee? Is it beneficial? Is it refundable? What happens to the money? All these questions and more are answered in this helpful info sheet.


Common Myths of Hospice Care

Who is hospice for? How does it help? Is it expensive? Let us help you discern the many myths from the important truths of hospice care.


Luther Manor Informational Booklet

If you’d prefer a print friendly, high-level overview of the continuum of care that Luther Manor offers, this download is for you!


Avoid the Sticker Shock of Senior Living

On the surface and without proper context and information, senior living can seem expensive. But what if it’s more reasonable and affordable than you think?

Middle-aged Woman Taking Time To Visit Elderly Mother And Talk

How to Talk to Your Parents About Senior Living

When discussing the move to senior living with your older loved ones, it’s important to be prepared. Your mom or dad will most likely have questions and objections related to the move. It’s a big decision and it is important they are involved!


Helpful Links

Helpful information can also be found with these trusted organizations.