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Ways You Can Help During COVID-19

Thank you for your interest in supporting Luther Manor and our initiatives to exceed in our mission during the Coronavirus health emergency. Many have asked, “How can I help?” Below are some tangible ways you can make a difference!

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Our residents are in need of some new books to read while under quarantine! Would you be willing to donate one or many? There are 2 simple steps:

  1. Visit your favorite book-selling store or website and purchase large print, newly released books of any genre (mystery, romance, action, inspirational, etc.). They must be large print & newly released.
  2. Have the books delivered to the address below.

Luther Manor
c/o Director of Independent Living
4545 N. 92nd Street

Wauwatosa, WI 53225

Gift cards to purchase books can be mailed to the above address or emailed to [email protected]. Please indicate the purpose of the gift card.

Visitor restrictions are difficult for residents, but virtual visits with families are keeping loved ones connected and are helping ensure that important mental health visits can continue during the Coronavirus pandemic.   Also challenging is the deferment of necessary but non-urgent doctor visits that could be addressed using telemedicine.  Please consider donating a new iPad, iPad Mini or a Visa gift card toward the purchase of these devices to help our residents stay connected and receive important care during this crisis.

Donations of new iPods or gently used iPods for our Music & Memories program are also appreciated. Having more iPods will provide the opportunity for us to deliver this enrichment program to a greater number of residents during this time of one-on-one activities. The delivery address for these donations is:

Luther Manor Foundation
4545 N. 92nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225
414. 831.8950

Gift cards can be mailed to the above address or emailed to [email protected].

We are also accepting donations of new and unused Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Types of PPE that we are accepting include:

  • Masks – As the CDC has revised its acceptable mask guidelines for the prevention of infection, we are accepting both N95 respirator and ear loop surgical masks. These masks can also be sometimes used in the construction industry. We will gladly accept any new and unused masks from construction sites.
  • Hand-Sewn Masks – We will accept hand-sewn masks that follow the instructions provided by area hospitals. Click on the names below for guidelines and pattern details.
  • Isolation Gowns –We are currently using disposable gowns, but we would prefer washable ones, so they can be washed within the unit for reuse. Below are two options for making them.
  • Hand Sanitizer – As you can never have enough, we are accepting personal-sized hand sanitizers. Please note that, per CDC guidelines, we can only accept sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Eye Protection – Similarly, any clean eye protection is also being accepted. This includes goggles and safety glasses from other industries that may have slowed due to social distancing.

Homemade masks, gowns and other PPE items can be dropped off at Luther Manor’s main entrance during regular business hours or shipped to:

Luther Manor
4545 N. 92nd St.,
Wauwatosa, WI 53225

The TEAM Appreciation Fund makes staff bonuses possible. Every day, staff members show up not only ready to work, but wanting to work in providing compassion and care to our residents. Your support will make possible financial rewards beyond what our operating budget provides. To support the TEAM Appreciation Fund, CLICK HERE.

Unrestricted gifts to Luther Manor Foundation are always needed, helping make possible the extraordinary care for residents. To support Luther Manor Foundation, CLICK HERE.

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