Therapy Services

Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are available to Luther Manor residents through our partnership with HealthReach Rehabilitation Services. Our highly trained therapists offer personalized services across a spectrum of specialty rehabilitation programs, from lymphedema to continence care. Before starting therapy, we review our residents’ needs and design a plan to help them reach their rehabilitation goals.

Physical therapy addresses problem with pain, balance, walking and lower body strength.

Occupational therapy focuses on self-care: personal hygiene and getting dressed, along with other activities of daily living. Adaptive equipment may be introduced to make everyday activities safer and easier. Occupational therapists also work with individuals experiencing pain or decreased function in their arms and hands.

Speech therapy addresses communication issues and helps individuals experiencing problems with memory, problem solving or swallowing.

For more information on Luther Manor's Rehabilitation Center, please contact Client Relations at (414) 464-3880 of [email protected].